Faq and Document

BCM Global Trader

Faq and Document

BCM MEMBERSHIP BUYER (means End Buyer capable to open a Letter of Credit – do not receive commission from BCM).

BCM GLOBAL TRADERS only does business with companies in its database or by references. Without References, you must become a member of the Business Family to enjoy all the advantages that BCM can offer to you. By Becoming a Member of the Family you will be updated every week about the market price, the latest news for the sugar and the ethanol and also all the new opportunities offered by our society and you will have a perfect service with one of our potential trader who can answer all your questions, prepare all the paperwork to finalize the contract and also the transaction in the sugar and ethanol business or any other opportunities offered by BCM. The company can either register on-line. A Member has always priority from any other buyer. Your reputation is really important for us. We need to know with whom we are dealing with. There is no membership fee, please fill out the application and after studying your file BCM will contact you to give you your username and password and you will be able to start ordering from BCM. BCM expects the member to proceed and finalize at least one order per year. The reason of the Existence of BCM is creating value for its active members in achieving the three major thrusts of the company:

« Be competitive, be responsible and be credible ».

Online Procedures:

1. Complete the on-line registration form.
2. The member will automatically receive an e-mail saying that the registration is being processed.
3. The member will be contacted immediately (or may call directly at 1-800-209-3616) to process credit card payment (BCM does accept on-line credit card payments at this time).

A Procurator Letter will be needed as well as a letter of reference to speed up the acceptance of your membership.

An BCM number will be given to the member as well as a membership certificate which will enable him to do business with any of our branches closer to its company.

BCM has representatives in the 5 continents. They use the same working structure and it will be a pleasure for them to serve all BCM members.

With this annual membership, the member-client will expect:

Better price than everywhere else, better price than the market price. We are directly connected to the refinery in Brazil. No Intermediairies.

Specialized agents that will be on duty for the member five days on 7, ten hours on 24 for all his transactions during the year. We work 9 AM – to 5 PM (Monday – to Friday).

Products inspected by an international company at BCM expense

Possibilities to ask for cotation all year long without supplementary fee.

An 800 number to reach the desired agent

Conclusion of transaction within 2 weeks.

Guarantie that the product will be delivered.

Invitation received by BCM GLOBAL TRADERS Inc to visit the product in Brazil, all charges paid by BCM as soon as we receive the Non Operative Letter Of Credit in our Trust Account in Royal Bank of Canada.

Every December for each year, BCM choose the Best Performance Membership and win a SUPER- DUPER Prime from the administration of BCM which can be a Vacation anywhere around the world paid by BCM or any other Big Gift accepted by us.


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