Indian Rice

Indian Rice

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Commodity: Indian long grain golden parboiled basmati rice [Super silky sortex]
Origin India
Crop Year Current Year
Packing/ Stuffing 35 Kg. / 25 kg. PP bags, stuffing 25MT per container [20”]
10 Kg. / 05 kg. Non Woven bags, stuffing 25MT per container [20”]
Brand Packing in customer’s brand, as per instruction from buyer.
Bag design will provide by the buyer in ready-to-print CDR format.
Or we can provide in our brand, if required.
Loading Port Any Sea port of India.
Shipment Starts by 20-25 days after received LC at our bank.
Partial Shipment Allowed
Inspection Any International inspection agency will appoint by the seller, at seller’s cost, for the quality & quantity. The test report of such an inspection agency will be final and agreed by the buyer and seller.
Payment Terms 100% Irrevocable confirmed LC at sight from any prime bank, payable at seller’s bank. The LC must be valid for min 120 days from the issue date.
The Buyer will provide LC draft for the pre-approval from seller’s bank.
Price Validity 7 days from the issue date.

Parameters Specifications
Ave. Length 7.6 to 8.3mm
Discolored /Damaged 1% Max.
Broken 0.2 % Max
Immatured Grains 1 to 2% max.
Moisture 12 to 12.5% max.
Field Admixture 5-6% max.
Chalky Grains 0.1 to 0.2% max.
Brand and Packing As per Instruction

Rice shall be transported in adequate clean and dry transportation means to protect it from the effects and external factors as well affectation with insects and rodents and it shall be free from poisonous substances or harmful to health.

Rice shall be conserved in dry well aerated locations away from heat, high humidity, direct sunrays, various types of sources of pollution by observing the elevations and adequate distances when storing